Featured testimonial

 Gorgeous Rentals had my Extra Vacation weeks rented out for me when they said. Was so excited when I got my first rental check! After doing the 1 year program Ive now signed up for the Lifetime. 

 I rented out weeks that I wasn’t even using that I kept loosing. Thanks Gorgeous Rentals! 

 I've been loosing money every year til I started renting out my extra vacation weeks. Now I have more then enough income to pay my maintenance fees on my timeshare. 

 Only time I don’t rent my weeks with Gorgeous Rentals is when I want to use them myself. Thank you for everything Gorgeous Rentals! 

 I didn’t even know renting my extra vacation weeks was possible til Gorgeous rentals put me in the right direction. 4 getaways rented out. Thanks Gorgeous Rentals! 

 I rent out my extra getaways every year now to pay my maintenance fees and have left over income to use for more vacations. 

 Gorgeous Rentals changed the way I view my Timeshare completely! 

 I only rented 2 of my weeks and still had enough to pay all my maintenance fees! Cant thank Gorgeous Rentals enough. 

 Lifetime plan is the best way to go in my opinion, rental income every year from now on! Thanks again Gorgeous Rentals! 

 Glad somebody could finally help me with my timeshare. Thanks Gorgeous Rental Club.