Client Service Terms

  • Gorgeous Rental Club, operating under Gorgeous Digital Marketing LLC, is a “for-rent-by-owner” advertising company, not a real estate broker, and as such has sold zero timeshares. Gorgeous Rental Club is an advertising, direct marketing company. We do not negotiate the sale/rental of timeshare properties. We utilize corporate awareness media, advertising, and a reliable discount timeshare database, including mass advertising for other sellers/renters to maximize exposure. Inquiries are referred directly to owners to negotiate.
  • Gorgeous Rental Club agrees to advertise the information the timeshare owner provides until a renter or buyer is found. The timeshare owners understand that, except as otherwise set forth herein, their choice to discontinue advertising with Gorgeous Rental Club does not necessarily entitle them to a refund without sufficient reason for the discontinuation. Advertising services begin when payment is authorized and Gorgeous Rental Club assesses and accepts the advertising needs of the timeshare owner.
  • Gorgeous Rental Club cannot guarantee a property will be sold or rented within a specified time period. It should also be understood that Gorgeous Rental Club does not have a pending renter or buyer for properties waiting in advance. Gorgeous Rental Club is not affiliated with any vacation property, resort, exchange service, closing company, or financial services company.
  • Gorgeous Rental Club will provide resale advertising services pursuant to this contract. If Gorgeous Rental Club represents that Gorgeous Rental Club has identified a person who is interested in renting or purchasing a timeshare interest, then Gorgeous Rental Club must provide the timeshare owner under marketing contract with the name, address, and telephone number of such represented interested resale renter or purchaser.

Timeshare Owners' Right of Cancellation

  • Gorgeous Digital Marketing LLC will provide rental advertising services pursuant to its sales & marketing contract. If Gorgeous Digital Marketing LLC represents that Gorgeous Rental Club has identified a person who is interested in renting a timeshare owner's interest in their timeshare, then Gorgeous Digital Marketing LLC must provide the owner with the name, address, and telephone number of such represented interested renter.
  • The timeshare owner has a non-waivable right to cancel the contract for any reason within 10 days after the date the contract is signed. If the timeshare owner decides to cancel the contract, they must notify Gorgeous Digital Marketing LLC in writing of their intent to cancel. Such notice of cancellation shall be effective upon the date sent and shall be sent to 757 SE 17th St #828, Ft Lauderdale, FL 33316 or to Refund are made within 3-5 days of request for credit card refunds, and for check refunds, within 20 days of request or within 5 days after we receive the cleared check funds, whichever is later.
  • Marketing fees are not obligated to be paid to Gorgeous Digital Marketing LLC by the timeshare owner unless and until they sign the contract and return it to Gorgeous Digital Marketing LLC.
  • IMPORTANT: Before signing the sales & marketing contract, timeshare owners should carefully review their original timeshare purchase contract and other project documents to determine whether the developer has reserved a right of first refusal or other option to purchase their timeshare interest or to determine whether there are any restrictions or special conditions applicable to the rental of their timeshare interest.
  • The fulfillment time (ie, amount of time from the time payment is made to the time Gorgeous Rental Club finds a renter) averages 90 days; but if not, Gorgeous Rental Club guarantee to have a renter for the timeshare owner within 180 days, and after that 180 days, Gorgeous Rental Club will still extend the amount of time at no additional marketing fee. This is in the sales & marketing contract. However, at any time the timeshare owner finds someone to rent their timeshare week through another source of their own, the timeshare owner can get a full refund.

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